I’m a 3-Day Ambassador

For those of you who have been following this blog over the years, you might remember that one of the most fulfilling thing I do each year is to participate in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure. This amazing 3-Day, 60 mile walk raises money and awareness for breast cancer and is without a doubt the most awe-inspiring thing I have ever done.

Over the years I have been involved in the 3-Day I have been a walker, crew member and crew captain. I have always wanted to do more, but living in Germany has made this difficult. It isn’t possible for me to lead training walks or volunteer for Getting Started meetings. So, this year when I got an email saying that the 3-Day was looking for Ambassadors to blog about their experiences and help to spread the word I took this as a sign and quickly completed the application. Recently I got word that I had been accepted as an official 3-Day Ambassador and I am so excited about this opportunity.

Since then I have been thinking about what to say in my first post. What could I say that hasn’t been said before? This week it finally occurred to me that I should start by telling an on-event story.  There are many that I could share, but have chosen this one…. .

Towards the end of day 2 of my first event, I was tired. My feet hurt and I had blisters. I had gotten sick at lunch due to a bit of de-hydration. I still had 30 or more miles to go before I crossed the finish line. I was seriously questioning what I was thinking when I signed up and actually paid money to do this event. UGHH. Then I saw it.  The thing that gave me the motivation to keep going. The walkers in  front of me were wearing t-shirts that said “if your feet hurt, imagine what chemo feels like”.  Just like that I knew that I would keep on walking and I remembered that this journey is about the hope that someday no one would have to know what chemo feels like. 

As we approached camp I lost that team, but those words have stayed with me for over 10 years and it is those words that keep me coming back year after year. So, to the team that was with me in Boston in 1999,  thank you. Thank you for giving me the motivation and strength to finish that day and for the  knowledge that I , and everyone who has participated in a 3-Day over the years, is doing their small part because “everyone deserves a lifetime”.

I am so honored to be a 3-Day Ambassador and hope that the 3-Day entries  you find here provide you with information that helps you train and fundraise, keeps you motivated and provides you encouragement to keep going even when you want to give up. 

Come back often and let me know about your 3-Day experiences.


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